"Just as a painter uses brushes and paint; I, as a photographer, paint with light. Photography is an art form of simplicity, and light. As a painter of light, I embrace the sun for shedding light on everything that is beautiful."

A little about me:
This is always that weird place you find on random websites. So welcome to my weird place! I am Married to a wonderful & odd ball man, and we have a very sweet son. I have been doing photography for over 10 years, still love every second of it, and can honestly say there isn't much that can surprise me during sessions and weddings anymore. I love coffee, like a ridiculous amount. Pretty sure my addiction to coffee started while I was in school for photography. I have specialized training in Outdoor Photography, Weddings, Portraiture, and a few others. But let's get down to the good stuff, I'm a bit weird (or so I have been told) but weird is fun! So, let's be weird together.

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