Experience the Difference!

Enjoy a personalized experience, with a full service professional photography. Shayna Ariel Photography is just that. We decide on a personalized location for your session, that matches what you want. We then take the time to edit each of the images and prepare an online gallery for your viewing. If you would like to see your images in print before purchasing, we can do that too!

We then do a selection appointment. Where I can either come to your home to show you the sizes of prints that would be perfect for you walls, or if you're more comfortable we can walk you through everything online. During the selection appointment we will go over your options and printing choices, and discuss the discounts you receive during the appointment. Discounts are ALWAYS available during the ordering appointment, but may not be after the appointment, so be prepared to do your ordering the day of the appointment to use up the discounts. 

But why print? We only want a disk!

Be honest with me here, when was the last time you printed the images your photographer gave you on a disk? Or when was the last time you even printed the pictures off of your smart phone? There are so many options and so many places to print it can be confusing. Let a professional help you. I'll be honest, the pictures off of my phone, I print them at walmart. For a couple reasons: they are snap shots that don't have as high of quality as a professional image should have, and they are just that, snap shots, I don't care if the ink fades over time, or if the ink runs if it gets a little damp.

But images that I may spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on are meant to last my entire life, and those of even my children or grandchildren. Spending that kind of money on something that won't last isn't my cup of tea! I want something to last forever, and still look great! I want my kids to walk past a huge 20x30 image on the wall, of them and see how much I appreciate them! Plus I get to enjoy walking past it and seeing their smiling faces everyday. There really is something special about that. 

Having us take care of the printing ensures that everything printed will have the correct color and sizing as it was meant to be. With digital images, I can't guarantee anything. So many places print with different colors, different brightness, and different papers, that its unpredictable. Even the disks are becoming obsolete. Newer computers don't even have a disk drive in them anymore, so how long will it be before you can't even view your images?  I know how long the prints I create will last, with a little care, they really can last forever. 

Session Cost $195+tax

This covers the basic sessions, Family, Maternity, Engagement, Senior Photos etc. It includes with it an 8x10 print, 2-5x7 prints, and a sheet of wallets. You will also receive your images via download for personal use.

Double Session $350

By purchasing two sessions at the same time you get two full sets of prints. Can be used for any basic sessions. Perfect for Maternity and Newborn sets. 

Bump to Baby $600

Includes 5 sessions. Maternity, Newborn, 4 month, 8 month, and 1 year.  Still has the value of all 5 sessions in prints and products. 

Weddings and Events

Please contact me for Wedding and Event Prices and Packages. There are a lot to choose from and I don't want to confuse you! Please call 208-599-3100 or e-mail [email protected] I would love to help you!